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Happy Birthday, Firlefanzine!

I hope you had a fine day until now... maybe it will continue half through the night ;-). I heard there was a lot of sunshine today, and with nice people, presents and good music, too, it could be a great memory!

Oh, I forgot... there is someone who wants to visit now... open the door and have a lot of fun!!

PRO Servant of Two Masters

Happy Birthday, Roven75!

I wish all the best to you (and the ones living with you ;-). Have a perfect day with a lot of presents, a Schwarzwälder Kirsch, a Cheese Fondue or a Schnitzel, some good company and music. Maybe add some nice and fluffy snow.

The lads are waiting for you to answer the phone and they want to tell you the time they will arrive. It seems you missed the call... hurry up ;-)
 Have fun with them!


Happy Birthday, Macklingirl!

I think I found the perfect man as a birthday gift for you!

He is good looking, he has a well trained body and he also knows what he does! If you invite him for your birthday party you'll be very well entertained. Perhaps you could ask him for a nice and very private karate lesson ;-)). If he doesn't know karate you just show it to him...

Have a great evening with a lot of presents and good conversations. Maybe a bit of alcohol, too... can't hurt!

PRO macklingirl

Happy Birthday, Smirra!

I hope you have a great day today, with nice guests, telephone calls, some good food, inspiring music... and the lads won't be too late, will they?

zz Smirra Geburtstag 2015-1

Happy Birthday, Milomaus!

I am sooo very late - even the lads are grumpy... I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Ms. Maus!

I hope you had a fabulous day with love and joy and silliness and cakes ;-)

2015 milomaus Geburtstag2

Happy Belated Birthday, Firlefanzine!

"What did you do, Potz?" "WHAT???"

"I forgot Firle's birthday..."
Firle 2015 02 gilbert angermannmade bei Gilbert Angermann

"She forgot Firle's birthday!"
Firle 2015 03

"Oh my god. What will you do?"

Firle 2015 05

"Now that was... almost  fast."

Happy Birthday, Roven75!

Have a lot of fun today, build a snow-woman and drink hot chocolate afterwards.

See the lads nearly paralyzed? They can't believe what (Mr.) Cowley said to them. But wait until they are sitting on the plane having fun and thinking of you!

roven 2015 Birthday1

Happy Birthday, Macklingirl!

I hope you had a wonderful day with very little work to do, just being entertained by others - with excellent food, wilde music, a lot of surprising gifts and some delightful conversation!

macklingirl 2015 Birthday1

Happy Birthday, Siskiou!

I hope you have a lovely birthday-day ;-), with all the eating and cinema going. Maybe you'll find a hour or two all to yourself - I think there are two men who want to visit you!

PRO Fall Girl siskiou

PRO Fall Girl-00-03-24

Happy Birthday, Cloudless_9193!

Have a wonderful day today, and I hope there is less rain in your country than in mine!

I am sure you have your family around and some food and music and very entertaining conversations, too  ;-).

Cloudless 2014 Birthday