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Happy Birthday, Smirra!

I had a rainy day today, but I hope it was a lot more sun shining in the area you live and in your heart, smirra.

I wish you alle the best for the next year and I hope it was a lovely day with people you like a lot. Maybe some cake, surprising presents and nice music, too ;-)

The lads are trying to break through any obstacle to get to you ;-)
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Happy Belated Birthday, Milomaus!

I'm so sorry I didn't post something yesterday, milomaus .. until noon I didn't think about it (I am not an early bird...), and as it came to my mind I was in a village nearby with a lovely mansion and an exhibition of paintings.

I hope you had a great day with very nice and beautiful guests, talking smooth and funny and philosophically, with some presents you adored and delicious cakes you ate!

Two men put this in your letter box, and I hope they didn't forget their telephone numbers:

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Happy Birthday, Roven75!

I wish all the best to you (and the ones living with you ;-). Have a perfect day with a lot of presents, a Schwarzwälder Kirsch, a Cheese Fondue or a Schnitzel, some good company and music. Maybe add some nice and fluffy snow.

The lads are waiting for you to answer the phone and they want to tell you the time they will arrive. It seems you missed the call... hurry up ;-)
 Have fun with them!

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Happy Birthday, Macklingirl!

I think I found the perfect man as a birthday gift for you!

He is good looking, he has a well trained body and he also knows what he does! If you invite him for your birthday party you'll be very well entertained. Perhaps you could ask him for a nice and very private karate lesson ;-)). If he doesn't know karate you just show it to him...

Have a great evening with a lot of presents and good conversations. Maybe a bit of alcohol, too... can't hurt!

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