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In Memoriam Robert Culp

Robert Culp played the secret-agent Kelly Robinson in "I Spy" in the 1960s. His co-star was Bill Cosby as Alexander Scott.

A quote from Wikipedia:  "The two actors quickly developed a close friendship that mirrored their on-screen characters". I read all I Spy stories I could find - there are so few of them.

Robert Culp died yesterday, 79 years old.


May. 20th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
Day Late, Dollar Short
I was over in the Alias Smith and Jones LJ community when I spotted your I Spy icon, so I followed it here. I wanted to make sure you knew about a couple of troves of I Spy fic, because we there are so few of us fans, and we need to support one another:

there are a number of stories in the Archive of Our Own (including Lamardeuse's work):

Also, there are a couple in the Yuletide archive, including Michelle Christian's wonderful "Home to Peace":

Also, the True True I Spy fan fiction archive, which contains slash, gen, and het. The quicksearch mechanism seems to work best. Other search methods, not so much: http://trickster.org/truetrue/

Also, I love all your I Spy icons. They are wonderful!

May. 20th, 2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Day Late, Dollar Short
Oh yes, I had much fun to choose the icons. - I just looked around the Archive of Our Own and recognized 15 of the 17 stories - the two I did not know were het and gen *g*. - And I know the two in the Yuletide archive - searching several months to read every I Spy story existing.

I know lamardeuses recced stories on the bottom of her page:


Dorindas stories (with two of the really best ones: "He Travels Fastest" and "Wheat From Chaff"):


The author "and her magical cat Roscoe" writes short and sweet stories:


The author "PutMoneyInThyPurse" wrote several gen stories, and one milde slash:


And arduinnas fic recs are here:


Some pics here:


Probably you know most of it. What I find interesting about the (slash-)stories is none of them is poorly written, all are at least average and quite a number of them are really wonderful.