potztausend (potztausend) wrote,

Happy Birthday milomaus!

Nearly everyone was unsuspecting, but one LJ person revealed the truth and told the others: you are celebrating your birthday today! Don't deny it ;-)

Alles Gute und Tolle und Wahre und Schöne für Dich, Frau R. ;-)

Maybe there will be a late surprise this evening...

"Bodie, do you know milomaus's address?"
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus2

"I haven't a clue. Will ask the Cow tomorrow."
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus1

"I'll start some investigations, Bodie."
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus3

PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus4

"Sir, we got the address."
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus5

Bodie wants to pretty up himself (Cowley doesn't do it for you, but for his minister ;-) 
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus6

Ray wants a smooth face too.
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus7

"Hallo Milomaus, we had to sneak in your flat disguised, so your husband wouldn't recognize us. You know we are two young and insatiable men, do you?"
PRO Geburtstag Rainmaus8
Tags: birthdays, bodie, ray doyle, screenshots, the professionals
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