Pros Marge made by me

Just For Records: Links To My Screencaps Of All Professionals Episodes

I started to make screencaps in April 2012 and it was done in June 2013. There are 58 postings (57 episodes and one apology for not posting). It's a series in The Safehouse called "Friday Lads" and I thought I put together all the links.

Some postings are just a collection of interesting screencaps, in some other postings I added funny or weird little captions to the pics.

Since summer 2013 I am posting special themes every two or three weeks, probably it will last until the end of this year.

"No back talk, Sir... you have to look at the pics!"
PRO post screencaps

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Pros Thanks to sw33n3y

Just for the Records: A Collection of Professionals Art

I'm posting this because I just wanted a link on my own blog, too :D

All the different facets of Professionals art I found until now are posted here:

It is not about my own work (well, one out of more than 50 pics was made by me), but about all the great artists who are creating drawings, wallpapers, icons, gifs, photo compositions, magazine's titles, who are crafting cars, rainees and sweets. There are a lot of vidders, too, but they weren't part of my posting.

This was made by gvenanne:

PRO Art46 made by gvenanne